Each topic window (you can open more than one) has a set of controls, as shown above.

Simple and Complex checkboxes

This selects the type of searching. Select Simple so that the search will try to find exactly what you type. Cmplx will search for all words anywhere in a topic, as well as permitting boolean operators in the search.

Search phrase

Enter a search query here, then press the [Qry] button or press <Enter> to start the search.

Start search (Hot key: <Enter>)

Pressing the [Qry] button initiates a search using the query entered. The currently selected text may be rapidly sent as a search query by using the Right-Mouse-Click menu.

Turn search hit highlighting on/off

This permits the hits from the last search to be highlighted or not. It will be depressed automatically when a new search is made. Note that search highlighting can sometimes cause "funny" scrolls of topics to the highlights even when you don't want that to happen, so turning off highlighting may be necessary at times.

Previous Topic (Hot key: <Shift><Page Up>)

Jumps to the previous topic (such as a report) in the current book, unless you are already in the first topic in the book.

Next Topic (Hot key: <Shift><Page Down>)

Jumps to the next topic (such as a report) in the current book, unless you're at the end of the book.

Previous Search Hit (Hot key: <Shift><Tab>)

Jumps to the previous search hit in the current topic, or the previous topic in the tree list if already at the first hit in the current topic.

Next Search Hit (Hot key: <Tab>)

Jumps to the next search hit in the current topic, or the next topic in the tree list.

Increase Text Size 5%

Each click increases the current text magnification for this topic window by 5%, up to a maximum of 200%.

Decrease Text Size 5%

Each click decreases the current text magnification for this topic window by 5%, down to a minimum of 50%.

Show History List

This shows the topics that have been visited. Double clicking on any one brings you to that topic. New topics visited are still added to the end of the list, not to that point in the history list clicked upon.

Go Back

This goes back to the previously visited topic and removes that entry from the history list. You can go all the way back to the opening screen topic or the first 500 topics.

New Bookmark

This creates a new bookmark, with the current title and approximate page #, in the currently selected bookmark file. If the bookmark dialog box is open it will be updated to reflect the new mark. A new mark can also be quickly set with the Right-Mouse-Click menu.

Current Topic Hit count/select

This shows the current number of topics

Current Page #

This shows the current (original) page number of the currently displayed topic. It is continuously updated as you jump or scroll.