You can print either an entire topic or a selected portion of a topic. Either way, select the [Print topic] menu item under the [File] menu. If you choose to print only a selected portion (strongly recommended for large topics, especially Union or Confederate Correspondence sections), note that the topic title will still appear for context. Footnotes do not print.
Printing text will print at the same magnification as currently selected for display. This can be a benefit if you want to print some particularly huge table, either in normal portrait or in landscape printing mode.

You can adjust all of the print margins under the [View] / [General Options] menu item.

The pictures can be printed in large size simply by hitting the [Print] button when the graphic viewer is operating (after clicking on a zoomable picture.) Pictures are always printed so that they fill the entire printable area of the page. It may be helpful to print in landscape mode for some pictures. This is typically selected by changing your printer options when the print dialog box appears.

Printing Maps

In the map display and annotation dialog (only available in applicable products), you can print the current map and its annotations by selecting Print from the File dialog menu. Be aware that large maps may take a long time to print. This is especially true on older model Postscript printers. If you have a Postscript capable HP printer, you will generally have much faster print times if you can use PCL graphics output rather than Postscript.