The ROM has a powerful hierarchical bookmark indexing capability. With it you can:

• Keep track of different areas of research in folders
• Create different bookmark files for different projects or students working in a shared environment, and share the files with others
• Mark individual topics and keep track of your notes for every bookmark.
• Copy an entire search set or volume topic listing into a bookmark folder with the press of a single button.
• Print your bookmarks, with your notes.

• Adding a new bookmark
This is done by pressing the [Mark] button in the control area

• Composition of the bookmark list

Each bookmark file is composed of a collection of Folders, Topic references, and Book references. A folder is a standard way to hold other items, including other folders. A topic reference points to a particular spot in the database; a particular topic at a particular point. A Book reference by contrast is a reference to an entire book. The purpose of a book reference is to permit constrained searching of that book, a process described below.

Here's a description of the controls on the bookmark dialog box:

• New Folder

This creates a new folder at the end of your current list. The folder can be renamed by clicking on it and keeping the left mouse pressed down for a second or two until the text "selects" and an edit box appears. This is the same procedure used with the standard Windows Explorer.

• Import Folder

This permits you to select a bookmark file from disk into a new folder in your bookmark file. This is useful for integrating another person's research into your own bookmark file, or for consolidating your own mark files.

• Print

This opens a print preview of your current bookmark file. You can resize the preview window. The print will print a representation of your bookmark titles and any notes that you've taken associated with the bookmarks. You can choose to print only a page range.

• Open File

This permits the current bookmark file to be changed to another file, which will then become the new default file.

• Export to file

This exports your current bookmark set to a new bookmark file.

• Export selection to file

This exports only the currently selected item to a new bookmark file.

• Create a new file

This creates a new, empty bookmark file and establishes it as the default.

You can re-arrange the bookmarks at will by using standard drag-and-drop. Simply select a bookmark or folder by clicking on it and then moving the mouse to the new location. If the target location is a folder, you will be give the option to (1) drop the mark into the folder, (2) drop it before the folder, or (3) drop it after the folder.
Marks can be deleted by selecting them and pressing the <Delete> key. If deleting a folder, you are given the option to delete the folder entirely, or deleting the folder itself but moving up the contents of the folder.

You can make your own notes associated with a bookmark simply by entering the note in the middle window. Moving to a new bookmark saves the note automatically.

The lower portion of the bookmark dialog is dedicated to adding books to your bookmark file (primarily intended for constrained searching using a bookmark folder.) Click here for a detailed description.